Davido Gets Lati a New Benz

Gets a New Benz:

Some days back, boss announced his plan to bless his loyal friends and team members with brand new cars and he began with a new whip for a member of his crew identified as Aloma .

The African icon seems to be fulfilling his promise as he just bought a brand new Mercedes-Benz CLA45 coupe for his long time friend and personal assistant, .

Davido Gets Lati a New Benz

He thanked Lati for taking care of him since he’s been 13. He wrote:

Uve been looking after me since I was 13 !!! Your probably the only one that I know would do the same if we switched positions !! LOVE YOU MY BROTHER ! MY BACK BONE!! ENJOY THIS SMALL GIFT! @lt_ddon …… NAH ME PICK LATI CALL LAS LAS 🤗😫

In an emotional message to thank Davido for the new car, Lati wrote:

I have known you since you were 10years old , that was when I lost both my parents . You are always there for me like a brother and you have never turned your back against me, I know God would continue to bless you and your family.

I pray for everyone that your “destiny helper would look for you even tho they are far from you , God would bring them close to you” DAVID ADELEKE aka DAVIDO is an ANGEL and a KING not just an artist. I pray people like this live long in good heath and prosperity. and I Thank GOD for your INCOMING blessing that the world would soon know about.
Luh you bro

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