Album Review: Audio Hounds- F.L.O.A.T (For Lack Of A Title) EP

Album Review: - F.L.O.A.T (For Lack Of A Title) EP:

Nigerian Music Critic “” and blogger shares his take on the trending F.L.O.A.T(For Lack Of A Title) EP by (Emzzy E, Titobrown, Yeyo, Aino, Nik, and duo producers, WodeMagic(Tubase and Zeekbass).

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Every so often, when you’re beginning to think that all Nigerian music sound the same with recycled beats, lyrics, and ideas, something comes out and surprises you pleasantly.

That’s the way I felt listening to this project, The F.L.O.A.T(For Lack Of A Title) EP, from Audio Hounds(Emzzy E, Titobrown, Yeyo, Aino, Nik, and duo producers, WodeMagic(Tubase and Zeekbass). The EP is truly expressing music without the constraints of commercialism, and it brought out the creative juices in all the artists involved. I mean how did they all think to come together and put this forward? A+ to who thought this up.

Being the type who has an eclectic taste of music, i.e; ranging from ‘Fuji to Reggae to Hip-Hop to Folk even Rock…just name them! I had to give the EP a listen cause you never know which song will take your already stressful day back on fleek.

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And despite the short track list, the rippling effect F.L.O.A.T caused in the industry cannot be ignored or denied. But it’s only through a track by track appraisal of the whole mixtape that we can get an in depth understanding of the triumphs and limitations of the work of art galvanised into the rhythms of an EP that so moved us. I was told, you wouldn’t read this but your interest and commitment to music in general is the reason behind this writing. I believe you’ll read it in its entirety to have an informed opinion that would be valuable to us all.

THE “F.L.O.A.T” EP is the offbeat alt(ULTI) style project put together by a murder’s row of some of the country’s brightest and best young music talents not working in the mainstream. However, you can look at it from different angles: as an outgrowth of musicians artsy ambitions, a collaboration of afro-rap-pop fusion all tied together by five voice, or simply a confident, adventurous, upstart boundary-pushing artistes demonstrating an ability to infuse modern hip-hop and afro-pop forms with a sonically audacious spirit. Audio Hounds intentionally or not defines their own lane owing to their style, short sprint deliveries and a unique offbeat flow.

Even if you don’t care for the lyrics (and they aren’t bad too), the arrangement and delivery will be sure to melt even the most cynical of listeners.

Album Review: Audio Hounds- F.L.O.A.T (For Lack Of A Title) EP

The EP starts off with the very unique blend of slow electro-pop and afro-house machination in BBM done by prolific Aino, your favourite rapper Titobrown and the ever dependable Yeyo who adds bursts of colour as well as a shot of electricity to the package as WodeMagic manufactures a futuristic dystopia made up of horns, keys, kicks and gongs.

Puff puff pass, Tito takes a hit and passes freely to Emzzy while Aino keeps rolling sick vocals on Borizz. The groove in this song is undeniable, a similarly upbeat song, showcasing the featured artistes versatility and ingenuity. I particularly love Aino’s delivery on this song. And by this time you’re already getting the idea that this EP is very different.

The EP effectively kicked off, for me, with Zombie. Everything about this song rocks. From the production, to the song idea and the execution; Tito and Emzzy E showed incredible skill and no mercy; their metaphors, and delivery were sharp and impressive.

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Album Review: Audio Hounds- F.L.O.A.T (For Lack Of A Title) EP

Yeyo’s song writing is as sharp and precise as his delivery and he carries off that colourful enigmatic personality without at all coming across as pretentious.

The sickest track with a feature on the levels of lyricism, delivery and spontaneity of flow is EX’Z featuring Nik, Titobrown, Emzzy E, Aino and Yeyo. This puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it.

Let me outline somethings before we continue:

Titobrown is not your mate
Emzzy E has never had a bad day on a record
Yeyo is a class act with a capital C. He is yet to record a bad song
As for Nik and Aino, i don’t even know how to explain their musical dexterity. Their stunning run continues with Ex’z, an adventurous trip in which WodeMagic concocts a trancey house sound to make listeners swoon at their technical depth.
Okay lets continue…

Ex’z is flawless from start to finish. This beauty starts out with a sagely sculpted voice of Nik ushering in some nice kicks and the music gets underway creating the perfect landing for Titobrown’s sick trap delivery. Emzzy E followed displaying his lyrical prowess, Aino then comes in with his fantastic sound, and as usual, Yeyo complimented the song with his killer vocals. What sets the production on this song apart is the detail and simplicity of its execution. This is one of my best songs off this project.

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Gorilla by Nik, Yeyo and Emzzy E is probably the baddest song on the EP, and you get to see what we’re missing from Nik in the industry. The idea is as the title suggests – Gorilla in the bedroom. Yeyo should really put out material more often, he’s a national treasure. Emzzy E wraps things up nicely with a stellar verse, complimenting Nik and Yeyo’s vocals. The concept behind it is fascinating.

Lets not forget Victor Chimkasi for his additional vocal magic and keeping up with the alternative house themed tunes.

Everyone involved on this project boasts an average IQ musically and so the record is chock full of quotable quotes and tweet ready gems. The duo producers, WodeMagic(Tubase and Zeekbass) did an excellent Job on this project. Respect!

Overall, the album is an exceptional body of work filled with musical creativity, and free expression. Not meant to last forever, nor outstay its welcome by even a fraction of a second, The F.L.O.A.T EP ends just as soon as it hits a peak. You could decide to mourn the brief running time of the record and wonder at what could have been had the record went on longer, but it would be a disservice to the time just spent soaking in the entire fabulousity. Brevity is the soul of wit and this one lives up to its promise completely.I absolutely dig the Art direction for the EP sleeve… Shoutout to Vsvpkeem for the great design.

If there’s one complaint I have about the project, is that it’s too short. But that’s not really a complaint is it?

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